£500 prize for health promotion video

Do you have a health promotion activity for the staff in your health board area that you would like to showcase?

The Scottish Cancer Prevention Network, funded through the Foundation, aims to promote a healthy lifestyle to lower the risk of cancer. They are keen to engage with those who can put opportunities in place to facilitate healthy individual behaviors. The Health Promoting Health Service and Healthy Working Lives initiatives support the call to action for NHS boards, trusts, and individual units to promote the health and wellbeing of their patients and staff at all opportunities. We know there is excellent work going on across the country to facilitate a healthier lifestyle for NHS employees – promoting active travel, physical activity opportunities within and out with the working day, improved choices of foods and drinks available for consumption whilst at work, green spaces, community gardens etc. etc.

To showcase the best of these health promoting activities the SCPN is holding a competition inviting a short video (3 mins maximum) and written description (1000 words) of what your area is doing. You may want to submit an overview of the breadth of the health promoting activities in your area or concentrate on a single initiative. The video will be judged on content (not on quality) so a video filmed on a mobile camera/tablet will suffice. If videoing is not a possibility a PowerPoint presentation (max 3 mins) will be accepted. As part of the submission we also require a short written account (300 words) of what you would do with the winning prize money should you be selected.

Submissions will be assessed by members of the SCPN team and advisory board and shortlisted entries will be screened at our annual conference in February 2018 and voted on by delegates. The winning entry will receive a £500 cash prize to be spent on further health promoting initiatives within your organisation.

We warmly invite you to submit an entry. Submissions will be welcomed until 7th January 2018 either by email to scpn@cancerpreventionscotland.org.uk or online at https://www.cancerpreventionscotland.org.uk/health-promotion-video-competition/

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