4th Edition of the European Code Against Cancer

The 4th edition of The European Code Against Cancer produced by The International Agency for Cancer Research (IARC) presents information on 12 ways to adopt healthier lifestyles and boost cancer prevention across Europe. The work is focussed on individual action that all European citizens can make to significantly reduce their risk of developing cancer.

The Code notes the importance of avoiding tobacco, alcohol, and excessive sun exposure and the importance of maintaining a healthy body weight and being physically active. It also recommends participation in screening programmes for bowel, breast, and cervical cancer screening.

This edition of the Code includes other important recommendations to reduce cancer risk beyond  lifestyle such as vaccination programmes against human papillomavirus, breastfeeding, and limiting the use of hormone replacement therapy. It also recommends finding out about potential exposure to radiation from radon at home and supporting action to reduce high radon levels.

For more information (including Frequently asked Q and A) see http://cancer-code-europe.iarc.fr/index.php/en/.

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