Cancer prevention work wins top award

The work of a pioneering project, the Scottish Cancer Prevention Network, that has raised public awareness of the risk of cancer while highlighting the importance of screening and prevention has won an award set up by the broadcaster and actor Stephen Fry.

The Scottish Cancer Prevention Network, which is supported by the Scottish Cancer Foundation, has developed a wide range of activities aimed at providing important information to help people reduce their risk of cancer.

The network is run from the Centre for Research into Cancer Prevention and Screening at the University of Dundee and has been named the Public Engagement Project of the Year in this year’s Stephen Fry Awards for Excellence in Public Engagement with Research.  The awards were first presented in 2012 by Mr Fry, the former Rector of the University of Dundee.

Led by Professors Annie Anderson and Bob Steele, the network uses social media, newsletters, a “lifestyle” magazine and novel exercise and diet aids to give people practical information they can use to improve their own health and reduce their risk of cancer.

It also organises a national conference to spread ideas and information about cancer screening and prevention. This is an important contribution to the debate on cancer prevention in Scotland and places are still available at this year’s conference to be held in Edinburgh on February 4th. More information is available here

The award comes with a £1500 prize which will be used by the network in a number of ways to extend it’s public engagement work. Professor Anderson said: “We are delighted to have our work recognised through winning this award. There is a lot that individuals can do to reduce their risk of cancer and we will continue to explore new ways to support them and spread this message as widely as possible.”

The Stephen Fry awards winners are nominated by Dundee University colleagues and students. Mr Fry said: “The University received a number of exceptional applications this year and the judging panel were very impressed by the high quality of the nominations. All of these achievements help us to raise awareness of the University’s activities and, crucially, support our efforts to transform lives locally and globally through the sharing of knowledge.”

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