Cancer Genomes for Cancer Care: The Royal Society of Edinburgh Scottish Cancer Foundation Supported Lecture

Open to all and free to attend.

The Royal Society of Edinburgh Scottish Cancer Foundation supported lecture: Cancer Genomes for Cancer Care

Professor Andrew Biankin, Director, Wolfson Wohl Cancer Research Centre and Regius Chair of Surgery, University of Glasgow

At the time of this lecutre, Professor Andrew Biankin’s primary scientific focus was on the molecular pathology of pancreatic cancer, the development of early detection and novel therapeutic strategies based on molecular phenotyping and the delineation and implementation of biomarkers that facilitate clinical decision making. He contributed to the International Cancer Genome Consortium through extensively characterising the genomic, transcriptomic and epigenomic aberrations in pancreatic cancer, and was extending this knowledge to a personalised model of cancer care, in which molecular characteristics guide treatment decisions.

This lecture formed part of an RSE Ordinary Meeting and was preceded by Society business, such as Fellows signing the Roll.

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You can listen to this lecture in the following YouTube video.