This website is intended as a resource for both the general public and for professionals whose work is related to cancer. It links to reliable sources of information and it provides an account of the major cancer research activities going on across Scotland.


World Class Cancer Research in Scotland

We award PhD studentships and support national workshops, bringing together leading cancer researchers across Scotland to develop large scale collaborative research programmes. This has been a particularly fruitful aspect of the work of the foundation.

Evans/Forrest Medal

The Scottish Cancer Foundation Prize & Evans Forrest Medal

We have established the Scottish Cancer Foundation Prize, which is awarded on an annual basis to the individual who has, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, made the most important contribution towards reducing the burden of cancer in Scotland. 

Royal Society of Edinburgh

Keeping the General Public Informed on Cancer

Annually we support a Royal Society of Edinburgh lecture, in conjunction with the Cruden Foundation, on an aspect of cancer which is of interest to the general public. In addition we sponsor a lecture held at the regular Scottish Cancer Conference.

Scottish Parliament Debating Chamber

Providing Expert Advice to Policy Makers

The Scottish Cancer Foundation contributes on a regular basis to the Scottish Government's Cross Party Group on Cancer and to the Scottish Cancer Coalition of Cancer Charities, providing expert advice where appropriate.

Scottish Cancer Prevention Network

Promoting Cancer Prevention to the Wider Community

A major part of the work of the Foundation has been the support of the Scottish Cancer Prevention Network which issues a regular newsletter and organises events to discuss and promote cancer prevention strategies.