Our Aims

Our aims can be summarised under three headings.

Improving the Understanding of Cancer and its Treatment Throughout Scotland

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To many the word "cancer" still implies incurable disease, and it is widely believed that little can be done to prevent it.  This is no longer the case, and one of our central missions is to provide information about how cancer can be prevented, detected early and treated effectively.  To this end, we have links on our website to finding out more about cancer and how it can be prevented.

Promoting the Prevention of Cancer in Scotland                              

The SCPN Newsletter

In addition to providing information about how to avoid cancer, the Scottish Cancer Foundation supports the Scottish Cancer Prevention Network. The SCPN is dedicated to understanding more about how cancer can be prevented, and to promoting this as widely as possible.

Nurturing Collaborative Research Across Scotland                                                     

Scotland has some of the finest cancer researchers in the world, but they tend to work in relative isolation. The Scottish Cancer Foundation believes that by facilitating interactions between the strong cancer research groups in Scotland, we can move forward more rapidly and effectively, to develop interventions that can prevent or more effectively treat cancer.