When we collect anonymous information

To help improve this site we may place small data files, known as cookies, onto your computer, smartphone or other device used to visit our website. These cookies cannot be used to access any personal information about you; they’re just used to make the site work better for you. They do this by:

  • remembering how you like things displayed,
  • measuring how you use the website so we can make sure it meets your needs,
  • ensuring the website works properly,
  • allowing you to share our website on social media.

We collect some information using Google Analytics to improve the way our website works, for example by making sure visitors are finding what they need easily, or to monitor the technology visitors use to access our website so that we can ensure any updates we make to the site remain compatible. The type of anonymous information collected in this way can include:

  • which pages you visit,
  • the amount of time you spend on the site or a particular page,
  • whether or not you have visited the site before,
  • how you came to our website – for example, through an email link or a search engine,
  • the type of computer, browser, network location and internet connection you use.

If you wish to prevent this information being transferred to Google, you can opt-out using the method described here. You can also manage and/or delete these small files as you wish. You can even decide to stop any site from using them.

To learn more about cookies and how to manage them visit AboutCookies.org.