Sir Pat Forrest Clinical Training Fellowship in Cancer Prevention

The Scottish Cancer Foundation (SCF) focuses on Cancer Prevention, and wishes to promote research, collaborative working across Scotland and public engagement in this area.  Accordingly, the Foundation wishes to invest in the future of Cancer Prevention by providing motivated early-career individuals with research training opportunities in this area and has been fundraising to this end.  As a result of generous donations, SCF has awarded two PhD studentships, and we are now in a position to award the first Sir Pat Forrest Clinical Fellowship to suitable supervisors and host institutions. The application should not include a named student.  The students should be appointed by due process after the award of the grant, and the Foundation and the Benefactor reserve the right to have oversight of the appointment process.

The available funding is intended to cover a stipend and reasonable costs, and will be awarded on a competitive basis. Further information and application forms can be obtained here 


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